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A busy evening!

Anna with Rob; Destiny with Henry; Fran with Waldemar

Linda with Fred; Marcella with Phil; Paula with Chris

Sue with Albert; Veronica with Steve; Linda with Bob

Moi with Waldemar and Albert

with Carlos

Karen with Phil

Joan with Mark; Martha with Rob; Scarlett with Bojan

Everybody loves a dance with Rob, really!

Scarlett with Bob

Corrine with Felix; Josie with Kent

Gina with Jose; Jolene with Adam; Josie with Bob

Shubha and Jennifer with Steve

Joban with Adam; Sharon with Bob

Jacira with Steve; Suzy with Marc

Jennifer with the Steves

Carlos with Jacira and I

Rob with Tricia and Carol

Jennifer with Marc; Suzy with SB

Josie with Sam; Steve with Joan

Yolanda with Steve and Bojan; Steve with Cynthia

Corrine with Bojan; Susan and Tom; John with Josie

Corrine with Steve; Sharon with Rob

The couple of the evening (or the year): Jacira and Marc

Josie and Ash; Tres Tangueras (Renate, Lynn Tangy); Tangy with Steve

The comforts of sentada: Jacira with Rob; Grace with Marc

Joan with Adam; Corrina with Carlos

Corrina with Allan; Celia and Mo; Jennifer with Steve; Joan with Rudy

Merely a blur to the camera: Octavio and Joise

Dianne with Bob under Robs watchful eyes

Sharon with Steve; Susan with Fidel

Susan with Marc; Sharon and Bojan; Laura with Steve; Georgiana with Rob

Susan with Carlos and Rudy

Grace with John; Doris with Rob

Cynthia with Eric; Grace with Steve; Joanne with Tom

Jacira and Marc; Barbara and Steve; Linda with Harry

Jacira and Marc with their very own new tango element!

Rudy with Joan, Barbara; Ana with Batt

Steve with Rene, Joan, Georgiana

Steve with Sharon and I

Sybil with Rob; Grace with Steve; Tu and I

.. with Carlos

Sharon with Steve

Bojan, Tu; Sybil and Lynn

Georgianna at the piano for some live music

The Steves with Lynn, Barbara, Sharon & Sharon, Georgianna

Gilda with Jim; Vicky with Al; Grace with Marc

Carlos with Sarah and Ana

Margaret with Gabe; Cybil with Steve; Dianne with Rob; Marc and I

Sharon with Bob and Steve

Susan with Bob and Al

Steve with Sharon; Karen with Nick; Marjorie with Gab

Arda with Harvey; Karen with Gabe; Harvey and I

Marta, Jaume, I and Josie

Marie with Bojan; Anjie with Steve; Gillian with Rob

Tricia with Bojan; Jacira with Marc; Zsuzsa with Steve

Jacira with Marc; Liz with Steve

Linda with Harry; Jan with Miguel

Josie with Carlos; Vanessa with Steve; Jacira and Marc; Jeanne with the Steves

Does Bojan ever get down to dancing? I guess he does- with Leela in the background

Heavenly tango or tango heaven? with Carlos

After a long evening one must rest: Judi, Jeanne, Steve

Live music with Raul Juarena on the bandoneon and Octavio Brunetti on the piano

The Steves with Jeanne and Sybil

Norberta with Sam and Terry with Steve

Steve with Jacira; Sybil with Rudy

Laurie with Art; Julie with Ketil; Jeanne with Adam; Gillian with Steve

Paula with Manny; Jeanne with Rob; Gillian with Art; Steve and I

Magda with Steve; Tuhina with Rob; Tricia and Marc; Robbin and I

Doris with the Steves

Ina with Marc; The tango ladies: Martha, Jeanne, Nadine

Jamie with Phil; Jeannie with Steve;Martha with Albert;

Tricia with Adam

Diane with Casanova O?

Man of the evening:Tony with Lynette and Martha

Laurie with Tony; Jamie with Bob

Catherine with Phil; Jamie with Steve

Sarah with Jose; Georgiana with Bojan

Scarlett with John; Linda with Bob; Cathy with Jose

Jamie with Jose; Jacira with Marc; Gabi with Cristian

Mid-summer Milonga at Ossining

Steve with Noberta, Yvonne and Marie

Anna with Phil; Jacira with Jerry; Marc with Noberta and I

Adam with Josie, Catherine, Evelyn and Kim

Ivana with Jeff; Tricia with Adam; Marc with Kim and I

Steve with Marjorie and Y; Namdi with Kim and Anita

Rob is busy: with Cynthia, Ivana, Noberta, Martha and I

Allie with Masut; Marjorie with Adam; Judy with Phil; Steve with Yvonne and I

Maureen with Charles; Louise with Richard; Marie with Charles; Steve with Ann; with Joachim

Men in black: Phil with Donna, Marjorie; Marjorie with Steve; Harvey with Tricia and I

Arda with Bojan; Louise with Richard; The tired feet must rest!

Steve does it again! with Tricia, Linda, Laurel

The happy pair Elvira & Phil; the sombre pair Alan and I

Helene with Larry; Nicole & Kal; Misti with Rob

Our guests of the evening: Carol & Carlos (Philly), Mary with Dr John (Albany); Carol with Rob (Pittsburgh)

Celia with Steve; Mary with John; Laurel with Carlos

Sometimes the tired feet must rest: Mary, Paul, Lynn; Daria and Marjorie

A massive snowstorm cripples the NorthEast, but not our tango dancers

Adam with Lynn; Yvonne & partner; Phil with Madeline; Steve with Laurel; Robert (Bob) with Elvira

A surprise visit from Rob (yes, all the way from Pittsburgh in spite of the blinding storm)

Rob with Tricia, Elvira and I

Bojan with Yvonne, Robert (Bob) with Elvira (background); Steve with Lynn & Rob with Elvira

Laurel with Phil; Madeline with Phil

Lynn with Steve; Yvonne with Adam; Madeline with Bojan

Madeline with Bojan; Laurel with Phil

Linda with Anand; Tricia with Steve

The ladies' man Phil with Laurel and Madeline

Time to catch up with drinks & gossip: Anand, Bob (background), Linda; Tricia, Lynn & Elvira; Caught in a cruzada moment

Couples, women & men happy to see Rob

Phil sweeps Elvira off her feet! Adam with Yvonne; Forgot to put our knees together? Suneel & I

Steve eventually puts me in a state of absolute tranquil

Steve entrances the women: with Josie and Elvira

Sombre and then happy moments: Pete with Pamela

The women challenge Phil?? with Elvira and Tricia

Happy and happier moments: Mary with Paul

Camera-shy Joe with Josie and Martha

A busy evening of dancing and learning

Men in black: Scarlett with Michael; Steve with Marjorie; Takes 2 2 gancho... easy as A-B-C

How does Steve do it? With Tina, Mary, Yvonne & Renee

Ferdinand with Breana; Joe with Margo; Tom with Beth

Beth caught in a statuesque moment; Catching up with politics? Joe & Yvonne, Renee & Scarlett

I try to fill Rob's shoes: with Martha & Renee

The finale: Yvonne & Steve indulge in bhangra to the amusement of Tuhina & Ferdinand

Art & Gilliian, Ismail & I, Bill with Karen; Bojan & Madeline, Hiedi with Phil, Morgan with Betty and Bill with Vicki

Bill & Karen, Bojan & Madeline, Phil & Vicki; Bill & Ramona, Morgan & Linda, Jeff & Vicki

!!Rob's Party!!

We express our love & gratitude ... then the toast

The gifts...

Then the champagne flows....

All alert for Rob's dance: (L to R) Betty, Lynn, Ramona, Bill, Jeff, Vicki, Gillian, Scarlett

I set the ball rolling, followed by Gillian, Karen

Linda, Madeline, Vicki and Scarlett's grand finale!

A great party .... and even Bojan couldn't resist Rob!

Walking in reverse is never easy (L to R):Carmo, Anna, Martin, Jenn, Tuhina under my watchful gaze

Then they pair up: Martin & Anna, Maria with Steve, Cecelia & Joe

Walter and Marilynn show us some beautiful tango moves

Steve with Cecelia; Carmo and Maria; Phil and Yvonne oblige the photographer

Our intense dancers: Phil & Karen, Art & Gillian

Saugata with Peg & Leah with Andrew

Mary with Ismael & Melissa with Michael

Jeanie with Adam

We get everybody dancing (Madeleine and Felino in the foreground) and I relax with Bojan

Dancing is a joy: Adam & Cecelia, Jenn and V

Bojan drags Scarlett to the dancefloor; a happy Donna with Rob

Rob with swing-queen Diane; Francis amazes me into a stupor

The evening's busiest man: Michael with Madaleine, Shira, Cecelia

A jaw-dropping milonga!

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