Tango Holiday Party
Venue: Mohegan Lake
Contact: Laxmi Parida, email, 914 528 9771
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Before the warmth of the dance...

Viviane and Sharon with the Steves, Phil with I; Linda, Josie...

Steve's kicks off the party (with Moi, Shurong, Linda)

Popular with the ladies (Viviane, Martha, Shurong)

The young and the very young.. (Joise, Joe; Filippo; Rob, Tuhina)

The birthday threesomes: Sharon, Moi, Joise, Linda

The birthday twosomes: Phil, Steve

Viviane's slamon quiche; Joise's crustellas......!

Moi with Aris, Phil

Must relax (Martha, Steve, Steve, Sharon; Dan, Xinlan)!

End with a bachata (Maria, Josie)

That time of the year again...

Some relax while some perform (Karen & Phil; Asif, Jaume; Josie & Rob; Mythily with Steve)

Some relaxations..(Jaume; Joan, Adam, Josie, Sharon, Jacira; with Tu)

Bojan; Shurong, Marta

with Asif; Josie & Phil; with Steve

les apéritifs ; les boissons

Steve has his way with les jeunes femmes: with Marta and Shurong

Dancing by the fireplace...

The inevitable holiday foxtrot: Steve and Jeanne; Jeanne with Bojan; Josie with Steve

Carlos with Ina, Lynn and I

Some relaxing...Marie with Matthias; Jessie, Chen and Josie Jr (Marina)

More dancing by the fireplace...

Surprise highlight of the evening!

Rob and Tom in the background, usual suspects in the foreground; Marie in the background

An overwhelmed birthday lad!

The audience watches mesmerized while Steve has his birthday dance...

Phil with Catherine

Our guest of honor: Rob

The dance....

The food (Phil"s Apple and pear tart tatin; Steve"s Indian chole;
Tricia"s pepperoni in puff pastry; Steve"s Spicy potato kugel....)

Bojan & Mary set the party rolling...

Bojan & I, Madeline with Steve

Alan & Tricia watch Beth & Tom, Madeline & Bojan, Laurel & Anand, Joise & Adam; Linda gets ready for the floor, Lynn is distracted while Tricia & Steve waste no time, Sarah watches from a comfortable seat

The Zydeco king, Jeremy, Elvira & Phil in the foreground; Ferd watches Mary & Bojan; Tricia with Alan; Elvira with Steve

Kim managing with the food table [........ Jewish potato kugel (Steve); Spanish meatballs (Martha); Hummus (Kim); Baked clams (Ferd); Italian crustelas (Josie); Greek dolmadas (Linda); Raspberry tart, Pear tart (Phil); Pastry crusted meat (Tricia).........]
Steve crushes Marjorie and Elvira with Phil

Adam has a busy evening: with Tricia and then with Elvira; Phil & I; Martha & Bojan

Well, Adam is still busy... with Joise while everyone else takes a break- Madeline, Lynn, Beth & Tom

Madeline & Bojan; Marjorie & Anand; Lynn & Adam; Paul & I; Laurel & Tom

The coziness of the evening is unmistakable- Paul & Mary in the center, Adam still dancing, with Joise on left, Laurel in the right...

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