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Venue: Westchester Tango
When: 2nd & 4th Wednesdays
Contact: Laxmi Parida, email, 914 528 9771

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Milonga photos, Tango holiday party photos

Kira with Steve; Anura and Dhruv

Bob & Sanjay with Josie

Adrienne with Diego; Sandy with Viktor

Georgia with Albert, Josie with Antonio, Svetlana with Viktor, Jerry

Svetlana & Viktor

Josie with Jerry; Hada with Joe; Angela with Steve

Wendy with Albert, Steve

Abhi with Steve (look who is by the piano!); Veronica with Albert; Moribel and Adriana

Halloween Milontica with Stephen, Fran and all

Lidia with Albert; Josie & Sharon with the Steves

Regina with Steve

Veronica with Tom; Josie & Albert in the foreground

John & Wayne with Katharina & Natalia; Steve with Preeti

Natalia with David; Ruth with Dan & Amy with David; Jane with Dan

Ophelia with Veronica and Lidia with Rudy

Jason with Josie; Sirlei with Steve; Karen with Phil

Lidia with Steve and Veronica with Rudy

Steve with Josie

Steve with Camilla and Stephen with Teresa

Veronica with Flaviu and Rajan

with the Steves (and Christine)

Fran with Steve and Bojan

Veronica with Bojan

Fran and Julie with Steve

That time of the year again!

Chloe with Steve; Fran with Phil; Steve with Veronica

Hottest day of the year: Phil and Shurong; Steve with Ina

Christine with Steve;Arlene with Janos

Arlene with Stephen; Yvonne with Phil

Vivianne with David; Gill with Stephen

Diana with Mario; Sonia with David; Sher with Steve

Shurong with Phil; Julie with Stephen

Shurong with Jeremy; Julie with Phil

Weronka and Stephen

Dont know how Tu manages to surprise me every year!

Diana with Fred and Steve

Anna and Joan with Rob; Laurel with Steve

Vivianne with Sil; Ouch, a split volcado!

Abby with Phil

Susan with Phil and Erik

Grace and Rob; Tuhina with Moi--someone's birthday on the dancefloor!

Vivianne and Lwanga

Elvira and Steve; Laura and Emil

Tu with George

Vivianne and Steve; Ruth and Phil

Kim and Steve; Ruth and Phil

Shurong with Helder

Evelyn and Sharon with Steve and Rich

Evelyn with Steve; A birthday at the class!

Tu with Rob; Shruong with Phil

Steve with Corin and Ruth

Brooke with Guy; Sarah with Steve

Shurong with Steve

Svetlana with Alan; Jakki with Bob

Yvonne and Michele with the Steves

Sarah with Steve; Kat with Bojan

Shurong with Lukas; Ruth and Phil

Karen with Steve; Shurong and Phil

Susan and Vince; Jolene with Steve; Yvonne and Phil

Josie with Raman; Andrea with Phil; Steve and Yollanda

Bam with Steve and Asif

Jolene with Bob; Josie and Asif

Shurong with Phil; Yvonne with Steve

Joan with Phil; Marjorie with Steve

Steve with Sharon and I

Marina with Steve

Joan with Bob; Susan with Steve

Ruth with Marc; Mamta with Steve

Nicole and David; Steve with Michelle; Marie and Rob

The Steves with Marjorie and Jacira

Steve with Marta; Marc with Marie

Leading tango and IRiS; IRiS team at work!

The Steves with Kharin, Grace and Susan

Josie with Jerry; Renate with Steve

Legwraps in vogue: Sharon and Steve; Marjorie and Adam; Michelle with Phil; Joan and Rob

Jennifer with Bojan; Jacira with Marc

The young and the very young: Adam and Phil with Melissa, Gaby

A busy evening to the rhythm of milonga

Jennifer and Phil; Maryann with Steve

Robert and Sharyn

Georgiana with Steve; Adam and Joan

Agatha and Tom; Laura with John

Linda with Marc; Georgiana and Gloria with Steves

Yvonne with Rudy; Barbara and Steve

Linda with Rudy; Georgiana and Steve

Jacira and Steve; Jolene with Phil; Joan and Marc

Congratulations to Jacira and Marc!

Alec with Jane and Ann

Jacira with Randy; Barbara and Steve

Tu with Randy

Yvonne with Marc; Ina and Steve; Joan and Phil

Ann with Phil; Joan with Steve; Sybil with Bob; Ina and Marc

Josie and Jolene with Bob; Jacira and Marc; Jolene with Steve

Pianist in our midst!

Bob and Sharon in the background; Steve and Dianne in the foreground

The birthday boy with Jacira, Josie, Marjorie and I

Althea with Harvey; Marjorie with Steve; Althea with Angelo

Steve with Jacira; Josie with Peter; Ina with Marc; Claire with Phil

Arun and I; Jolene with Phil

Yvonne with Jose; Anji with Phil; Evangelina and Jayson

Tired feet must rest: Kim, Susan, Jackie, Jolene

The couple of the evening: Jacira with Marc

Man of the evening: Rob with Daria, Joan, Jackie

JoAnne with Jose; Jerry with Joan and Laurie

Susan with Marc; Noberta with Sam; Phil with Jolene

My birthday surprise from Tuhina!

Ina with Gene; Jennifer with Adam; Rose with Phil

Phil with Ilene and Jackie

When Ma and Bapa graced westchestertango: with Yvonne, Steve, Josie and Marc (photographer: Jacira)

Tango in a saree: Ma with Steve

My ascendant and descendant: Bapa with Tuhina

Harvey with Ina and Jacira

Yvonne with Marc

Neither floods nor tornado deters the dancers...

Kim and Mark; Marta with Steve; Yvonne with Mesut

Steve with Sharyn; Charnikita with Nick

Kami and Jacira with Eugene

Steve with Unda; Kate with Phil

Jacira with Marc; Carol with Phil

Julie with Manny; Paula with Adam; Tricia with Sergio

Yvonne with Steve; Paula with Steve; Jeanne with Sergio

Jacira with Bojan; Anna with Neil

Anna with Marc; Josie with Ketil

Jaideep and I; Jennifer with Phil

Jennifer with Peter

Gabi and Marc; Jacira and Cristian

Nadia with Phil; Shean with Adam

Yvonne with Jerry; The three tango ladies

Marjorie with Steve; Josie with Sergio; Jeanne with Steve

Josie with Steve; Linda with Gordon

Pat with Bojan; Yvonne with Adam

Steve with Yvette & Ellen; Ivaida with Sugata

-----We did not let the twister twist our evening-----

Jacira with Jerry; Marjorie with James; Steve with Kim & Vonye

Jean with Ming; Marie with Steve; Yvonne with Adam

Phil closely watches Josie & Steve; Jerry & I

Kim with Phil; Yvette practices the back ochos

Gilda with Hector; Josie with Phil; Marjorie with Hector

Ann with Joel; Nicole with Alan

Linda with Alan; Maria with Jack

An attempt to bring the average age down: Aman and Tuhina!

May the best man win (Adam and Robin)!

A lot of hard work....

...and them some "look around" moments...

Linda with Robin; Shorey with Steve while Ewa watches; Donna with Stan; Vladimir & Tricia, Mihaela with Adam

Josie with Steve; Marissa with Adam

Tricia with Stan; Alan and I; Marissa with Adam

A busy winter evening in Ossining

Donna with Stan; Ewa with Phil; Nicole with Jason; Krithika with Kal

Marjorie with Stan; Ewa with Steve; Nicole and Phil

Arda with Jason; Krithika and Josie in meditative tango

Anand with Elena; Steve with Patricia; Josie with Adam in a fantasia mood

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