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Classes at: Ossining
Milonga at: Peekskill
When: 2nd & 4th Wednesdays
Contact: Laxmi Parida 914 528 9771
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With the Old Mill Singers

Summit Rock, Central Park, NYC

Tango Lesson at the Hudson Cruise

Performance at the Garrison Depot Theater
with the Open Heart String Quartet:

The usual suspects

Performance at the PEF Fund-raiser:

Audience joins in for a quick class

The Spring Concert Performance:

Before the act (with Maureen, Steve, Rob)

A few sneak pictures from the stage, oops!

The Street Fair Performance:

Dancing on the edge: tango on a (10'X6') collapsible stage

Performance At Josie's Dance:

Enticing the young and the old in the audience!

Eagles: Rob and I work on generating interest in tango in the local community

Tango on the road:

At the Tango Y Alma in Budapest (Hungary); A quiet class in Brisbane (Australia)

Italian technique on German soil: Tower-of-Pisa leg wrap with Marcus in Osnabrueck (Germany)

Uri awes the audience with a sharp gancho; With Stuart at the mysterious Blackfriars, Glasgow

With Tim at the Counting House in Edinburgh (UK)

Leg-wrap with Ashutosh; with Salomi Roy Kapur, Mumbai (India)

Bare-feet tango on the marble floors: with Raji in Mumbai (India)

With Xi and Kimsum in Singapore (Singapore)

With Oren in Haifa (Israel)

Spontaneous tango at Rob's magnificient studio in Pittsburgh

Meditation Tango with Chan in Wash DC

TangoSutra with Sashin

Tango Italiano: outdoors with Raffaele and indoors with Nicoli, in Venice

Tango on the Table Mountain cobblestones (after climbing a 1000 meters!) with Jaume, Cape Town, South Africa

With anonymous native in Franschhoek, South Africa (yes, the background is real!)

Tango on the Maine: with Nobert & Kurt (Frankfurt)

The way of the Swiss: with Remo & Urs in Zurich

An unforgettable Montreal evening (thanks to Michel, Ben, Andre & none other than Gerardo Sanchez!)

Hong Kong: with Mky Chang

Vienna: the ceiling is as pretty as the inlaid floor (Rafaels Tangobar studio)!; with Hans-Peter

Tango in the valley (Santa Barbara): with live music, Patrick, sketches

Tango in Congers: Gustavo, Danny, and I

Tango in Alpharetta: Rob, Anjalie, KS, Bhavana and I

Deep South: with Rob in Birmingham (Alabama)

Tango Catalan: With Stefano, Elodie and Bolsh in Barcelona

Outdoors tango with Matt in Helsinki, Finland

Mulled wine and medieval hunks: Kiek in de Kok (Tallinn); With Yannick at Kloostri Ait

Estonian Tango: At the Egoist; With Jaanus and Mati at 19 Uus

With Matteo at Prato della Valle, Padua, Italy (yes, the fountain is real!)

No taxi-stand at the main station but tango has a presence in Trieste, Italy

On the Adriatic: With Carla and Ignatius in Sistiana, Italy

Delhi, India: Ina with Ritu; Stina and I with the workshop survivors-- JaneDoe, Sandra, Shubra, Siegbert, Ritu, Shagun

Encore Workshop at Delhi, India: Street Chai before the class; Back-- Kartike, Sandra, Stina, Madhu, Nova, Tom; Front-- Saket and Violetta

With Saket at Sandra's

Sino Chu Wine Bar in Beijing, China: with Dago and Stephanie

Blast-freeze Tango on The Great Wall: with Jong Hua and an anonymous native

More freeze tango with sculptures in sock-city

A little tango at the Governor's house in Sydney, down under (unidentified guest and Himla)

Tango by Manly island with Fabricio and Sydney Harbor with John Doe

Tango in South Beach, Miami with Don and Stefann

In the conflict zone: Tangoing one's way to Pyonyang

The friendliest and a very male-rich milonga: with Sung-Min at El Tango, Seoul

Tango in Kuwait!

Tango at the Louvre in Paris with Pascal

Math-tango? with Gabriel in Dagstuhl

With Benny in the Roman baths of Trier and with Alberto in the Castle halls, Wadern

No. No samba at Tijuca and Leblon, Brazil

With Elis on the beaches of Cartagena, Columbia

With Don and the flamenco ladies in San Diego

With Mauro at Lugano (Switzerland)

With Salvatore at Brescia (Italy)

Pre-Alps (Borromean Gulf); With Marrianne at Isola Pescatori; Isola Bella (Italy)

Streets of Milano; With Francesc and Rocco at Casa del Tango, Milano, italy

With Bill in the sorghum fields in Texas

With David and Robbie in castle ruins of Dagstuhl

With David and Olga in Chateau Bromont, Quebec

A boisterous evening of tango in Pittsburgh!

The closest I got to communicating with a Pole: tango at Teatr Lalek with Zbyszek, Wroclaw

La mer morte: The breath-taking stark beauty of Dead Sea, with Dan and Gary, Israel

Polite and serene! with Shun at Taipei

Teatr Wielki, Warszawa, Poland

In a pub in Dublin (Turks Head, Temple Bar) Ireland

On the top of one of the Aeolian islands, Vulcano, with Andrea in Sicily

What happens in Forbidden City stays in Forbidden City: with Jamie & Bart in Beijing

With Stefan & David in in 798 district, Beijing

A visit to NorthWest not complete without a Sasquatch tango; Tango at Amber with live band and Chelsea in Seattle

Fascinating tango with Simon and Ka Mong (not in picture) in Bruce Lee country, Hong Kong

With Jan in Prague


Paris: Sorbonne Nbhd; Louvre Nbhd (with Erwan)

After so many years of "Tango to Evora", finally IN Evora with Joao Miguel (Monsaraz, outskirts of Lisboa)

Portlandia Tango, Portland

Tango at the Geghard Monastery with Hans and Aghas (Armenia)

At Garni and the Symphony Stones with Tim (Armenia)

At elevation of 2000m, where the air is rare and so are the men, with Jules (Gergeti Trinity Church, Georgia)

Levan's birthday milonga (Cecilia with the cake); With Ucha

The Oswego Tour:

Tango in paradise: Lake Ontario & the bluff in the background; Rookie Saugata joins the festivity

Tango on wood chips (at the garden access to the blue heron Rookery, Sterling)

Bare-feet and dancing; we stayed on this side of the wall- (Cayuga falls)

The Appalachian (Shawangunks) Hike-Tour:

It takes three to party!

The irresistible gazebo for the tired in Mohonk Preserve

The "million dollar view" Catskills and Rondut valley in the background (base camp: New Paltz)


Overlook on Hudson; Fisher Center at Bard (base camp: Tivoli)

Lake Minnewaska in the Gunks:

Bear Mountain, Lake Minnewaska, Hudson Valley in the backgrounds (base camp: New Paltz)

Storm King Sculpture Park:

Maya Lin's Wave Fields (base camp: Cornwall)

Walk at Amawalk
(along the faultline between Yorktown Heights and Somers- North County Trailway):

Raspberries? Justberries?

Hyde Park Trek:

Oyster? Shitake? Reflecting pool or the dipping pool?

Trapps in the Gunks:

Chanterelle? (Base camp: High Falls)

Some Behind-the-Scene Efforts
Rob and I experiment with some flamboyant tango moves:

Follower's back sacada , the outside leg wrap, inside leg wraps (1 & 2)
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