" Elegant and passionate, haunting and melancholy, tango involves not only the body but also the soul"

Whether you are a beginner or simply a perfectionist...
come, master the essential s's at westchestertango- subtle leading, sensitive following for a soulful rendition
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Milontica: Every second and fourth Friday of the month.

No partners necessary: Singles and couples welcome
No experience necessary: Dancers of all levels welcome
Shoes: Preferably with suede or leather soles, or, dance sneakers. If you can, please avoid rubber soled shoes on the dance floor.

When: 8:00 PM - 9:30 PM (milon-tica); 8 PM - DPP (milonga) [DPP= DJ pulls the plug]
For the venue and day of the week, please check running calendar for the month at the top of this page
OR contact Laxmi Parida at 914 528 9771 OR align box
(usually lesson for first 45 minutes, and dance thereafter)
Suggested donation for Milonticas: $12 (lesson) + $8(dance) per person
Suggested donation for Milongas: $15 per person
[The donation is to support the studios that graciously accommodate us]
Contact: tangoWNY@yahoo.com OR Laxmi Parida at 914 528 9771
Check pictures: class photos, milonga photos, holiday tango party photos (archived, performances/demos)
Class-notes: Algo de Tango
Science and Tango

Milontica format:
(5 min) Technique exercises for (a) individual & (b) partnering skills; (5 min) warm-up dance; (35 min) Focus on the evening's dance element elucidated with figures; (15 min) Practica/dance
Venue: 26 Broadway, Hawthorne NY 10532
PARKING: plenty of parking by the studio

Milonga [DPP= DJ pulls the plug]
Hors d'oeuvre and wine will be served
Venue: 925 South Street, Peekskill
PARKING (Peekskill): Free street parking at the late evening hour. Also Municipal parking lots within 1 or 2 blocks.

Interesting tango links: ToTango; TangoSite; TangoPulse;
Where else to tango? New York City; Hudson Valley; planet-wide.
Tripath to nirvana: yoga for the body, meditation for the mind, tango for the soul.

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