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A brief professional biography:
I'm currently a day trader and trend trader. I've been doing this since late 2007.
Before that I worked for CombineNet in Pittsburgh for three years.
Before that I worked on the Optimization Subroutine Library, OSL, for IBM starting in 1989. My background is in the area of large scale mathematical optimization, parallel computation, numerical analysis, and integer programming.

My interests include roller blading, X-country and downhill skiing, ballroom and latin dance, tango, two step, biking, running and travel. I have travelled extensively in Europe, having spent 8 summers in Geneva. I've also travelled through eastern Europe, the middle east, and north Africa.

My e-mail address is rob@nycdc.com .

I'm the author of the NYC Dance Connection and Cedar Crest Farm. If I were a little more modest, I'd be perfect!