Yoga with Kana Kubota


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Yoga classes in Manhattan, NY & NJ:

Yoga for Health, wellness and Serenity

Private Studio in Upper West Side, Manhattan, New York, NY
Get special attention for right start.

Learn how breath takes you to asana with ease and comfort.

Learn to prepare for asana in "non-harming" way.

Learn to modify asana for your unique condition.

Find your own time to truly stretch, strengthen and relax.

Yoga helps you feel energised, revitalised, rejuvenated,
restored, renewed, healthier and happier.

Private Lessons

are available by appointment in various locations:
Learn yoga on your own pace and your specific needs in NJ & NY.
Private sessions can be arranged at your home, office, gym, etc.
as well as at the private studio.
For your deep relaxation, you may combine with or simply choose reiki restorative or
aromatic relaxation with high quality pure essential oils
session as you like.


Wellness Coaching Session

at your home, offices, gym, etc. (NY & NJ)
or a private studio in Manhattan
Do you feel tired for no particular reason?
Do you feel your energy may be blocked somehow?
Would you like to get healthy eating habit?
Would you like to get better and restful sleep?

The combination of yoga, meditation, visualization, affirmation
and nutrition can help improve your health;
relax, calm your mind, breath deeper and get in touch with your energy within.

Group Classes

Yoga Classes @ Power Martial Arts
2015 Fall Schedule
(1282 Palisade Ave. Fort Lee, NJ: Next to Getty gas station)

Mon. 10:am-11:00 am Baby & Me
No class on Labor day, but we have a class on Tue. 8th 10-11 am
(For new mothers with babies 6 weeks old and more)

Mon. 11:15 am -12:30 pm Yoga for wellness(everyone welcome)

Thur. 11:15 am -12:30 pm Yoga for wellness